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Patient safety   

Secure access to patient data by scanning its bracelet with the mobile application 

Seamless communication

Easily communicate information about your patient and its interventions to your colleagues

Better efficacy

Improve your effectiveness when you document information about your patients

With bedside, no need to document interventions on paper, which is good for the environment and your mind

More time with patients

Instead of wasting time documenting your interventions on paper, spend more time with your patients

Tested and approved

Bedside Mobility was developed and validated with the caregivers of Geneva University Hospitals

Personalized patient list

Create your own patient list to facilitate patient retrieval


Quickly prepare your bedside care materials with a multipatient view by room and type of intervention


Vitals signs

Enter and display the vital signs of your patient







Care and documentation

You can easily validate, invalidate, copy, move or cancel an intervention with a single tap

Clinical score

Access clinical scores at the bedside, and see how the patient’s condition is evolving

PRN medication

For PRN medication (administered as needed), avoid risks of overdosing by reviewing when and how many doses were given in the past 24 hours


Pinpoint one or more patient interventions and add remarks 






Project managers

Dr. Katherine Blondon

Medical directorate HUG

Consumer health and mHealth specialist

Dr. Frederic Ehrler

Medical informatics HUG

Innovation specialist

Project team



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